Musical Workshops

The most popular musical workshops in Poland, they are in Kruszyn, near Bolesławiec, they have proved during the course of the past festivals to be a really friendly place with a great atmosphere for learning the Blues!

Opening workshops and first jam session are in the afternoon on the 3 August 2017. Classes take place in facilities of Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny in Kruszyn and are held in according to the schedule..

Classes take place in hours:

There are also special consultations held outside the standard 11:00-17:30 program times, these can be arranged directly with the instructor, however, the person in charge of classes is not obliged to preside over such meetings and we ask you to respect his wishes.

There are also jam session after classes, which start from 9 pm in the evening. They include playing and singing before the audience. Teachers also participate in jam sessions.

Attention – before arriving for workshops we recommend reading the list of standards. Acquaintance with all of these is not required, but we ask for the preparation of at least a few standards, this will make the work a lot easier in the classes and participation in the jam sessions a much richer and more rewarding experience. The knowledge of the musical notation is not required. For workshops one should take instruments, apart from percussion of course. Organizers provide amplifiers which are used during classes.

Note - accessing the appropriate minimal number of people to a class is a condition of creating the class.

Uwaga - if the teacher needs to go to a concert which clashes with the time of a class, the teacher will either appoint a deputy to conduct the class or will arrange for the class to be held at another time.

Underage persons should send a notarized parental consent. It is possible to charge the specimen statement here

Classes and teachers

Biographies of the teachers and the program outlines of the classes are at links below

Bass Tomasz Grabowy
Marcin Pendowski
Guitar Jacek Jaguś / Leszek Cichoński
Artur Lesicki
Marek Napiórkowski
Roman Puchowski (klasa dla początkujących)
Marek Raduli/Jacek Królik
HarmonicaBartosz Łęczycki
Magda Piskorczyk MasterclassMagda Piskorczyk
Keyboards Paweł Serafiński
Drums Cezary Konrad
Zbigniew Lewandowski
Vocal Aleksandra Królik
Aleksandra Sozańska-Kut


Full package
1500 zł
participation in workshops, 10 nights accommodation, three meals per day, insurance, admission free of charge for performances
Workshops only
750 zł
participation in workshops, insurance, admission free of charge for performances

Lodging options

Attention! In the case of some lodging options we are introducing the extra charge of the amount quoted in the following list.

Biała Róża3 double-bedded rooms - Accommodation with theextra charge 200 zł (10 nights accommodation/ 1 person)
Gospoda Kruszyna5 double-bedded rooms, 2 triple-bedded rooms, 1 four -bedded room, 1 five-bedded room- Accommodation atextra charge 50 zł (10 nights/1 person)
Noclegi u Ewy4 triple-bedded rooms, 1 four–bedded room
Noclegi Eliza Buszta1 double-bedded room, 2 triple-bedded rooms
Pałac u JoelaStudio flat for 2 + 1 pers., studio flat 1 + 2 pers. + 1 person, studio flat for 3 + 1 pers.
Columbus 3 double-bedded rooms, 12 triple-bedded rooms,, 5 four-bedded rooms
Europa3 double-bedded rooms, 3 triple-bedded rooms, 1 four-bedded room

Attention - A choice of the lodging options and the rooms takes place with the approval of the organizer and is possible after the payment of the deposit Places will be assigned according to the order of payments. Contact:

Open seats

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